I Am a Balkan Woman – Shame On Me!

I was born in Macedonia in 1986. I am only saying this so you don’t think I was born a hundred years ago in a place with no electricity or newspapers. 21st century arrived there too, even though this may seem like a story from the early 20th.

First I was born. To the pleasure of both of my parents, a girl. (They already had a boy.) I was only a few days old when the funniest among my parent’s friends, traditionally congratulated them, asking “Is it a child or a girl?” Some would go even further Continue reading “I Am a Balkan Woman – Shame On Me!”


A Storm in a Broken Mind

A Storm in a Broken Mind

I have a broken mind. There are days, it hurts so much I want to escape the world. I want no one to see me. Weak. Sad. Broken.

I have a broken mind, and the more I try to fix it, the more it hurts.

The crunching in the ears, the high pitch sound that comes and goes as it wishes, the sudden sharp pain like someone stabs my head with a screwdriver, and the deep boring pain the rest of the time – none of it is that bad. It’s the thoughts that hurt me the most. It’s my own thoughts that I can’t handle. It’s my own thoughts that break me. Continue reading “A Storm in a Broken Mind”

Monkey vs Mind

I am learning this lesson over and over again –ย knowing your brainย helps you live a better, wiser life.

In order to do that, you need to observe how your own brain works.

This time I want to talk about severalย mechanisms that, regardless of all our differences, we all have to a certain extent. Systems that we are often unaware of. The autopilot.

Those systems play tricks on us and how we perceive the world. They work like filters on our reality. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative, those filters are influencing how we feel and how we behave.

I strongly suggest you observe and question them from time to time – it’s liberating!

Continue reading “Monkey vs Mind”

Next Time They Tell You to Toughen Up, You Tell Them to F*ck Off

We do not use that kind of langue very often, but sometimes we just have to.

We live in a world reserved only for the “toughest”. A world designed for the ones “strong” enough to do anything it takes, the ones that no matter what just move forward… At least that’s what they think (because they are the ones designing it).

And they tell us we are too sensitive, we need to toughen up, focus, get our shit together… They make us feel like something is wrong with us. All our lives we hear the same things over and over again. And we try, we learn how to put a mask on, we hide our feelings behind it. Continue reading “Next Time They Tell You to Toughen Up, You Tell Them to F*ck Off”

Three Lessons Doing Nothing Taught Me

We live in a world moving so fast, we can not catch up. We live in constant stress. We lose ourselves in the machine. We live our life on autopilot. We live the same day for thousands of times and we settle for that to be our life. We are always in a hurry, and we are always late. We run mindlessly. We chase what can’t be caught. We never slow down.ย We forget to be present. We forget to live.

But life has it’s own ways to tell us we are losing that battle. Continue reading “Three Lessons Doing Nothing Taught Me”