Free of fears

In the several days of visit home I had fever, sinuses pain, allergies and then migraine. Before that, I had an anxiety attack. I invited it. I fought. It exhausted me, obviously, but I think I am winning this one. May just be the first one. Go Ivy!

Did I get it? Have I overcome fears? No, of course not. I am winning one battle! Yet, yay me! I took a leap outside my comfort zone. Challenged every cell in me that wanted to stay in the dark. I was frightened. I kept my eyes open and jumped. And I saw light. Colors. I felt free. I flew.


I want to stay true to my newly discovered free-of-fears self. I am far from being free-free, but now I know I can be. I can fly!

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The simple life

As I rest in my parents’ garden, listening to Roads*, I realize I am happy right now. Life is easy. My brother just had his wedding. They are moving to the big world. My son just turned six. He misses two teeth**. He is amazing. I vacation at my parents’ house, looking forward to going back home to my amazing husband. Oh life. Thank you.

My simple life

All I want is a simple life. I’ve seen complicated – not my thing. I want a small house with a yard. Near

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Accept who you are. Be who you want to be.

“Who am I?” Have you ever asked yourself this question? I did one day five years ago when I hit the emotional bottom so hard it woke me up from my almost ten years sleep. That day I didn’t recognize myself. I saw a sad old woman. I was 25. I felt empty. I felt angry! I was angry at life, angry at my partner, my child, my job, myself and the world. I was crushed. I was lost. I had no idea how I got there, and I had no idea where to go.

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